Wednesday, October 31, 2018


This site is the index for many folk tales that have been published on various sites on the web. The main two were typed by my son, Noah, and collected, mostly by me, over a long period of teaching ESL. There are now so many that they can be sorted by story, as well as by country. There is a shortage of American ones, but anyone who would like to contribute is certainly welcome!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Momotarou (Peach Boy), Hisa Fujino, 2016
Momotaro, 1994, Kuniko Komatsu
Momotaro, Anon.
Peach Boy, Chiho Sato, 8/7/2000
Momotarou (Peach Boy), Atsumi Murao, CESL, 2006
Momotarou, Yuya

Urashima Tarou
Urashima Tarou, Hajime, CESL, 2004
Urashima, Yuko, CESL, 2006
Urashima Tarou, Hajime
Urashima Taro, 1989, Katsue Hiramo

Issun-Boushi (One-inch boy), Eriko, CESL, 2004
Issun Boushi (One inch Boy), Eriko

Princess Kaguya, Natsumi, CESL, 2004
Kaguyahime, Ryo, CESL, 2006
Untitled (Kaguya-Hime), Kumi Ishihara, 1992
Kaguya Princess, Makiko Kato, 1996
Kaguya-hime (Shining Princess), Anon.

The Crane
Return for Kindness of the Crane, Kaoru Ida, 1996
Untitled (Old man and the crane), Kazumi Nakada
The Grateful Crane, Rika Nishioka, CESL, 2006
Untitled (The Crane), Mari Shibata, 1996
The Crane, Taiju Moriya, 1992
A Crane Returns a Favor, Maya Saito, 2003
The Story of Crane, Anon.

The Bird, Satoshi
Untitled (Maihime), Nana Kikuchi, 1997
Untitled (Tale of Heike), Chika Hirama, 1997
Rabbit and Tortoise
Parasol Guardian, Kasa Jizo
Draemon, Anon.
A Tale in Japan, Taku Kato
No Money, Tomohiko Saito
The Frog in the Well, Hiroyuki Asano, CESL, 2006
A Monkey vs. A Crab, Ai Kitabatake, CESL, 2006
Moon Princess, Naomi Funayama
The Bamboo Princess, Sawako Suzuki
Japanese Girl, Kayo Nagamine
A Majuina, Keiko Shimizu, 1996
The Rice Cake that Rolled Away,Sakiko Fukuda
Kachi Kachi Mountain, Akiko Iwano, 1996
The Sparrow Whose Tongue was Cut, Chieko, 1996
Monkey and Crab, Akira Tomii
Post of Woman, 1989, Mitsugo Kinjo
The Bird, 1996, Satoshi
The Red Candle and the Mermaid, 1996, Memei Ogawa
The Battle of Crab and Monkey, 1996, Tomomi Sugai
Guardian Deitty, 1996, Natsuko
Spider Weaver, Sayaka Wanatabe, 2003
Yuki Onna, Take, 1993
Yuzuru, Yuki Sato

Friday, April 15, 2016

Rabbit and Turtle

Folk Tale for Landon and Annabelle, Niloofar Gholamrezaei, Iran, 2016
The Rabbit and His Liver, Won Min, Korea, 2000
Japan Rabbit and Turtle, Yuki, Japan, n.d.
Nina hsu (Rabbit and Turtle), Nina Hsu, Taiwan, n.d.
Fable (Rabbit and Turtle), Tzu-Hsien Ling, Taiwan, 2000
Rabbit and Tortoise, Kasumi Takahashi, Japan, n.d.
Rabbit's Liver, Jaison, n.d.
Turtle and Rabbit, anon., 1994
Rabbit and Tortoise, Teppei Oshiro, Japan, 1996
The Tortoise and the Hare (sequel), Keven, China, 2018
The Rabbit and the Turtle, Daisy, 2018
The Rabbit and the Turtle, Angela, 2018