Thursday, April 25, 2013


Gold Axe and Silver Axe
Gold Ax and Silver Ax, You Jin, CESL, 2004
A Golden Ax and Silver Ax, Ui Suk Chung
The Gold Axe and the Silver Axe, Han
Golden Ax and Silver Ax, Hyungeun

Norbu and Heungbu
Untitled (Norbu and Heungbu), Kim Chang Geuai
Nolbu and Heungbu, Byungkwan, 2015

Korean Folk Tale (The Woodman), Rina, CESL, 2004
The Fairy and The Man, Si-Wook Jang
Sim-Chung, Ian W. Kang
Summary of Sim-Chung, Shannon Yoon
Untitled, Jenny Kim
Untitled, Su Jin Choi
A Magic Pot, Michael Jeong, 1996
Bogey's Magic Bat, Jun Yang, 1996
A Baby Frog's Regret, Song Min
A Tree Frog, Lee Hong Ju, 2000
Dan-Gun Myth Story, David, CESL, 2006
A Tiger and Woodcutter, HeeKyung Nam, CESL, 2006
The Mirror, Kyoung Sun Jang, CESL, 2006
Story (Korean Folk Tale), Anon.
Untitled (A Promise), J.B. Park
Real Brotherly Love, Cheongmin Jeong, CESL, 2007
A Filial Daughter Sim-Chung, Lee Yoon-S
Korean Proverbs
A Magic Pot, Michael Jeong
Bogey's Magic Bat, Jun Yang
The Grasshopper and the Ants, Segon
(no title), Rina
A Fable, Jae
Untitled, Jae Chaul Park
Untitled, Jacky
Fairy Tale, 1986-1988, John Henry
What Stupid Guys They Are, 1986-1988, David Jones
A Little Tree, 1986-1988, Daniel Wilson
A Lazy Boy Who Became a Cow, 2002, Kitae Kim
Sim-Chung's Story, 2002, Soo In Uh
Faithful Tiger, 2002,Yeonhee Kang
Fountain of Youth, Jong Hyun, 2002
Angel and Woodcutter, 1996, Kyoung
Old Men and Wens, Sae-Hwan, 1996
Little Tree, Daniel Wilson
A Woodsman and an Angel, Jim Harrison, 1986-1988
Magpies that saved a man's life, Hoon, 2003, Korea

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