Friday, December 25, 2015

China & Taiwan

Three Stars, Yu Hua, China, 2016
Tiger and Rabbit, Yiting Dong, China, 2016
Golden, Silver, and Iron Axe, Tianyu Chen, 2016
Pull up the seedlings to make them grow, Rui Liu, China, 2016
Folk Tale (How to Bring the Donkey), Cheng Ta, 2016
Yi Shot Down the Suns, Lingjuan Qi, China, 2016
The Story of Hanzhou West Lake Dragon Well Tea, FL, 2014
Lun San-Bo and Chu Zing-Tae (1993), Stella
A Stupid Grandfather Who Moved a Mountain, Henry, Taiwan
Untitled (The Clam and the Flamingo), 1996, Ming-Szu Yu
Kong Rong Modestly Declines a Pear, Simon, P.R.
Poem by Lee-Bye, Stella Lai, 1997
Fairy Tale, Ming-Szu Yu, 1996
Fable (Rabbit and Turtle), Tzu-Hsien Ling
Naughty Monkey Play in Sky, Huiling Yu
A Monkey With a Braid, Cheng Chung Chu
White Snake Legend, Fuyi
White Snake Legend, Anonymous
Get Power Together, Anonymous
The Foolish Man Who Moved the Mountain
It Is Impossible To Reap Without Sowing, Jessie
Folk Tale ~ Mulan, Carol, CESL, 2006
Helping the Seedlings Grow, Mickey (Chien Meng Chun), CESL, 2006
A Monkey in Heaven, Wei-Kang Tu
To Unite, Shou-Jen Sung
Naughty Monkey Play in Sky, Huiling Yu
A Monkey With a Braid, Cheng Chung Chu
Long long time ago a person who was very old, Chien-Chih Wang
Chinese talk: The girl lives on the moon, Fred, CESL, 2007
Untitled (Flamingo and the Clam), 1996, Ming-Szu Yu
Kong Rong Modestly Declines a Pear, Simon, P.R.
Princess and Butterfly, 1985
Lesson in Individuality, 1985 Magic Boat, 2002, Yvonne
Matsu Goddess of the Sea, Yen-Cheng, Yeh, 2003
Stupid Elder Who Wants to Move Mountain, Alan Kuan, 1992
Animal "Nien:, 1993, Robert
Chinese Valentine's Day, 1993, Andy
Wolves are Coming, YL, 2014
The Pony across the River, Songhe, 2015
Folk Tale (The Farmer and the Rabbit), Jieying, 2015
Folk Tale (The Little Fox), Ruizhi Chen, 2015
Folk Tale (Carry your Father), Xiaomiao Wang, 2015
The Story of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl - Qixi Festival's Origin, Lu Guo, 2015
Guang Sima Hurled the Jar, Lin Lin, 2015
Liang and Zhu (Folk Tale), Mengxi, China, 2015
A Mouse's Marriage, Joanne, CESL, 2004
Untitled (Old man and his sons), Anon.
Tsang Yeo Run Moon, Anon.
Moon Cake Festival, Mandy, CESL, 2004
Stupid Grandfather Who Moved Mountain, Henry
Sakyamuni, Fu-Lin, 1996
Moon Cake Festival, 2004, Mandy
Untitled, Joanne
Seeking for Her Husband at the Great Wall, 2002, Rebecca Hsu
Foolish Old Man Moved Mountains, 2002, Angel
Spear Against Shield, 2002, Eric
Chinese Love Date, 1996, Fu Lin
About Fairy Tale, Becky, 1996
Dragon Boat Festival, Kenny
The Sun, 1996, Gavin
One Chinese Hero Gary, 1992
Monk To Buddhism, Young-Chi Lin
Love, 1992, Chien-Te Li
The Man Who Chops Trees, 1992, Shen Lee
A fairy Tale, Joyce, 1992
Female Soldier in Ancient China, 1992
Water God, Serene, 1992
Ho-E and Sun, Jia-Ying, 1992
Grandmother Tiger, Sharon, 1992
Untitled, Sally, 1993
Untitled, Mike, 1993
A Fairy Tale, Annie, 1993
Little Red and Little Green, Linda, 1993
The Cowboy and the Seamstress, DiMan, 1993
Lun San Bo and Chu Zing Tae, Stella, 1993
Stupid Grandfather Who Moved Mountain, Henry, 1993
Monkey, Mark, 1993
White Snake, Tracy, 1993
Is He Fooling? Anon., n.d.

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