Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Misc. Folk Tales

Princess of Bamboo, Anon.
The Story of Crane, Anon.
The King of Jungle, Anon.
The Crafty and the Crow, Christhian Cabra
The Ingenious Rabbit, Maria Alvarez
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
Three Monks Without Water Drinking, Tina
Cap o' Rushes, Kun
Sendbad, Shaker
The Midget (A True Story), Allaouia
Farmer and Cobra, Ulich
The Raven and Fox, LaFontaine
The Little Girl and the Wolf, Anon.
Once Upon a Time in a Small Village, Charlotte
A folktale by Joe, Joe, CESL, 2008
Sheep, Wolf, and a Man, Danica, CESL, 2008
Yuzuru, Yuki Sato
Who is Luckier, Anon.
Untitled, 1996, Nut Tiranasar
Return for Kindness of the Crane, 1996, Kaoru Ida
Three Wise Men, 1985
Fairy Story (A Poor but Honest Boy), Anon. 1985
Mousedeer and His Tricks, Anon.
The Naughty Children, Anon., 1985
Monkey and Old Crocodile, Anon., 1985
Little Pretty Rabbit, Anon., 1985
Golden Eggs, Anon., 1985
The Rabbit and the Lion, Chandra
The Ant and the Cicada, 1985, Anon.
The Old Heron, Anon., 1985, unknown
Lying Shepherd, Anon., 1985, unknown
Fairy Tale (Goat, Rabbit, Fox, Chicken, and Shrike), Anon., 1984
The Tiger and the Fox, Anon., 1984
The Story of an Owl, 1984, Anon.
Brave Lion and Girl, Anon., 1984
Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Hatched, Anon., 1984
The Moon and the Light
Little Black Fish, 1985
Miss Clam and Mr. Snipe, Anon.
Farmer and His Three Sons, 1984
Rabbit and Tiger, 1984
Woodsman and Angel, 1986-1988, Jim Harrison
Heungboo's Biography, Michael Jones
Woodsman and Axe, Richard
Joker, 1988, Dongsam Cho
Dorados Legend, Claudia Serrato, Colombia
Blue Frog, Yunah
Momotaro, 1994, Kuniko Komatsu, Japan
Kaguya Hime, Japan, 1996
Fairy Tale, John Henry
Gratitude of Crane, 2003, Miyuki Yamasaki, Japan
Magpies that Saved a Man's Life, Hoon, 2003
Tue Tue and the Quintrala, Patric Bastias, 2003
A Crane Returns a Favor, 2003, Maya Saito

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